Operating with a reputation for excellence in the Aerospace, Nuclear, Automotive, and Commercial Markets

We focus on delivering demanding products for innovative customers.

As a contract manufacturer, our company has developed deep expertise with a variety of primary and secondary machining processes. All machining, sizing and finishing operations are performed in-house.

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Precision Sizing & Finishing

We specialize in component production with features requiring high precision on a very consistent and reliable basis. To this end, we have invested in all of the right tools and, just as importantly, have all the right know-how.

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An important part of the comprehensive manufacturing solutions we provide is our assembly and testing capabilities. Typical assemblies and sub-assemblies may require springs, balls, seals, bushings, or stampings.

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At Micron, we understand that quality is the foundation on which success is built. From the material, machine tools, and instrumentation we utilize, all the way to packaging, quality is a company-wide imperative.

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In House Automation

Our skilled engineering team and in-house tool room enable us to error-proof, or "poka-yoke," our processes, and enact quick and effective changes and improvements when required. We utilize both flexible and hard automation.  

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We specialize in medium- and large-volume production, but we do offer prototyping and product development capabilities when you include us in the early stages of a potential production contract.

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If you can't measure it, you can't make it.
Our state-of-the-art equipment can measure size, circularity, cylindricity, true position, concentricity, surface finish, coordinates, micro or macro hardness, profiles or any contour.

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