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Over the last three decades of precision machining, tolerances have reached a level of seemingly infinitesimal levels. One of our specialities is component production with features requiring high precision on a very consistent and reliable basis. To facilitate this we have invested in all of the right tools and, just as importantly, have all the right know-how.

Micron's precision sizing and finishing operations include centerless grinding, surface grinding (single and double disc), honing, and superfinishing, lapping and hard turning. We also perform vibratory tumbling, shot blasting and glass bead blasting for deburring, breaking corners and surface finish improvements.

We include hard turning in this category because of the super-precision equipment we utilize. We can achieve tolerances of +/- 5 microns (0.0002”) with our hard turning and boring operations. This can be a very economical means of replacing internal grinding in some cases. Surface finish requirements can typically be met unless a cross hatch is required which only honing and grinding can achieve.

Centerless grinding can achieve tolerances as low as +/- 3 microns (0.0001”). Honing can achieve 3 microns (120 millionth inches) total tolerance. These processes can also provide superb roundness, surface finish and cylindricity results.

As the saying goes, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t make it”. This is standard operating procedure at Micron and we have the equipment to prove it. Please visit our Quality page for specifics.

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