We build, operate, and service many of our own automation systems, which keeps orders on time and costs low.
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To complement our manufacturing and enhance our competitiveness, Micron Manufacturing has developed capabilities to build and service automation for internal use. Always dependent on circumstances, we utilize both flexible and hard automation to various degrees.

Having this capability offers several distinct advantages:

  • Cost effective, allowing much lower product pricing
  • Facilitates quick, continuous improvements
  • Allows easier customization for your given product
  • Reduced downtime from rapid troubleshooting
  • Error proofing becomes standard practice
  • Lead times are under our control

One of the more significant advantages to automating processes is the opportunity for error proofing. Also popularly known by the Japanese term “poka-yoke”, it is the practice of implementing 100% checks of certain characteristics. By minimizing or eliminating potential scrap issues, quality will always benefit and in turn so does the customer.

Our machine building facilitates custom solutions for our secondary machining, assembly and testing requirements. We are able to integrate best in class components into robust, reliable machines. With lower costs, the capabilities for the dollar are impossible to match.

Our in-house tool room affords us the capability of making components for our automation and machine building needs. Part of the foundation for the design of our automation and machine building is SolidWorks CAD. Designing complex working assemblies in 3D coupled with computer animation gives us a powerful tool to build unique and innovative products.

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