Multi-stage post machining processing and testing capabilities for your toughest assembly challenges ensure quality and conformance.
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We provide comprehensive manufacturing solutions for our customers, and an important part of that is our assembly and testing capabilities. Naturally, all of the products we make eventually go into an assembly, and many times, a sub-assembly first. Typically they require springs, balls, seals, bushings or stampings.

As another value added service, we also perform assembly, utilizing processes such as press fitting, staking and orbital forming. Micron can draw on our established base of component suppliers, or utilize a source of our customer’s choosing. In some cases, machining after assembly is necessary which Micron is very capable of accommodating.

Machining parts requires regular measuring and verification that specifications are being met. Assembly is no different, and we always incorporate testing to verify that assemblies are to specification.

Some components have requirements for leak and flow testing whether they are part of sub-assembly or not. Micron provides this as well, and can test intermittently on a bench, or using a machine and testing 100% of production.

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