Terms & Conditions 

By accepting a purchase order (by signing or shipping against) issued by Micron Manufacturing, Inc., the supplier agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  • Purchase order: Line items will specify adequate relevant information for fulfilling the purchase order (item numbers, specifications, drawings, process requirements, work instructions, etc.). Referenced documentation (drawings, specifications, etc.) may accompany purchase orders where applicable. As applicable, the purchase order will specify any special requirements, critical items, or key characteristics.

    • As applicable, the purchase order will provide requirements for the approval of the following:

      • Products and services;

      • Methods, processes, and equipment;

      • The release of products and services;

      • The use of statistical techniques for product acceptance and related instructions for acceptance by Micron Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Confidentiality: The parties will keep confidential any information (whether written or oral) of a confidential nature obtained via purchase order agreement and will not, without the written consent of the other party, disclose that information to any person (other than their employees or professional advisers).

  • Quality Management System: Supplier must maintain a quality management system appropriate for the work to be performed.

  • Material Certification: A material certification shall be provided with the shipment that includes actual test results as required by the specification, such as mechanical test data, chemical properties, hardness, etc. Certain PO’s may contain a requirement to evaluate and validate the accuracy of the data on the material certifications. Suppliers are required to adhere to evaluation requirements when necessary.

  • Special Process Certification: Lot test data must be provided for each lot for all special processes (e.g., plating, heat treating, etc.,) The data sheet must include Micron’s PO number, part number, serial number (if applicable), lot number (if applicable) and quantity shipped.

  • Calibration Certification (Independent Lab): Calibration must be completed by an ISO/IEC-EN 17025 certified laboratory.  A certificate is required stating that calibration has been performed to the appropriate standards or test requirements to which certification applies, and environmental conditions under which the calibration was performed. The certificate shall specify the date of calibration, serial number of the tool(s) calibrated, the NIST test number for traceability to standards used in calibration or tests, and their due date for recalibration. The certificate must contain a report number for traceability: state the actual readings or results of the tests and the degree of conformance or acceptance to specified requirements. An authorized agent of the calibration source must sign the certificate.

  • Specialized Tooling (custom): When applicable, items must be clearly labeled with Micron part number.  Tool inspection or test data, verifying the tool is dimensionally correct to the drawing, must accompany each shipment.

  • Nonconforming Material Process: Supplier to notify Micron of any nonconforming processes, products, or services and obtain approval for their disposition.  When requested, supplier shall provide written corrective action in a timely manner.

  • Counterfeit Parts: The supplier shall establish a process to prevent the use of counterfeit parts and their introduction in to the supply chain. In the event that counterfeit parts are found and there is a possibility that they have been received by Micron, the supplier shall contact Micron so that appropriate containment actions and reporting can be determined and implemented accordingly.

  • Supplier Process Changes: Supplier to notify Micron of changes in product and/or process definitions. When required, Supplier must obtain Micron’s approval prior to production. This may include Risk/FMEA’s, FAI, PPAP, special requirements, critical items, and/or key characteristic metrics.

  • Supplier Flow Down of Micron Requirements: Supplier must flow down to external providers applicable requirements, including Micron requirements.

  • Right of Entry: Micron, customer representative or regulatory agency has the right to access to all facilities involved (including supplier’s sub-tier facilities) in the order, and to access all applicable records. This activity may include inspection and verification of product and/or production process.

  • Record Retention: The supplier shall establish and maintain records and provide objective evidence that applicable requirements have been complied with. These records shall be maintained for a minimum of (5) years from the completion date of the contract, unless stipulated for a longer period on the PO and available to Micron personnel (or their designated representatives) within a reasonable timeframe after notification.  Test specimens must be available for inspection/verification, investigation, and auditing purposes.

  • Personnel: The supplier shall insure that all personnel are aware or their contribution to product/service conformity, product safety, and the importance of ethical behavior. When required, Micron may request that personnel of a certain competence level be utilized to perform the service specified on the PO.

  • Control and Monitoring of Supplier Performance: Micron shall monitor all suppliers on time delivery and quality performance on an ongoing basis. In the event that a supplier does not meet Micron’s supplier performance requirements, the supplier may be notified. Failure to meet Micron’s supplier performance requirements can result in possible removal from the company approved supplier list.  When requested, supplier shall provide written corrective action in a timely manner.

    CDN 101650   Terms & Conditions                    REV 8   6/29/2018