Machining & Secondary Operations

As a contract manufacturer, our company has developed expertise with a variety of primary and secondary machining processes. As a key to our success, we keep control of all machining, sizing and finishing operations under our roof. This allows us to organize our operations into production cells, eliminating wasteful movement. It is also key to producing results under our continuous improvement philosophy. Both are essential for customer satisfaction in quality and cost. We operate numerous turning centers, including CNC multi-spindle and CNC single spindle swiss type bar machines up to 25mm (1") capacity. We also have CNC multi-spindle and CNC single spindle chuckers that accommodate sizes up to 150mm (6"). Most are fully automated.

It is typically best to produce components complete in one operation. However, sometimes the lowest cost and best quality require secondary operations. This occurs when products have features with large size differences, features with tight tolerances or extraordinary geometries.

Micron accommodates these needs with its array of secondary processes. These include, but are not limited to rotary dial machines and CNC mills for cross drilling, reaming, milling and tapping. Other equipment integrated into production cells include operations such as boring, thread and spline rolling and broaching. Tolerances are held in some of these operations to +/- 10 microns (+/- 0.0004").

These are the “chip making" operations. Micron also performs a host of high precision operations. Please see our Precision Sizing and Finishing page for more details.

The raw materials we work with include, but are not limited to, bar stock from stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum. We also purchase near net shape forgings and metal injection molded components. Forgings typically offer significant material cost savings while metal injection molded parts offer more complex geometries with fewer machining requirements.

We offer prototyping and product development when involved in the early stages of a potential production contract.

SolidWorks CAD is utilized for process engineering and drawings.

Micron has built partnerships with various companies for subcontracting services, and all are outstanding in their niche fields. We therefore can offer various heat treatment and plating capabilities to complement our manufacturing services.

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Machining & Secondary Operation Specialties

Machining Processes
Single point threading
Thread and spline rolling
Cross drilling
Hard turning
Equipment Capabilities
CNC swiss turning (up to 10 axes)
CNC multi-spindle bar machines (up to 18 axes)
CNC multi-spindle chucking machines
CNC 4 axis turning centers
CNC milling centers
Rotary dial machines
Vertical surface and pot broaches
Thread and spline rolling machines
Robotic machine tending
Robotic part inspection and error proofing
Carbon steel
Stainless steel
Diameter range
2mm (0.080") to 150mm (6")
Length range
Up to 250mm (10")
Machining tolerance
To +/- 10 microns (+/- 0.0004")
Process Design and Drawings
SolidWorks CAD
Subcontracting Services Offered
Heat treatment: Vacuum
Plating: Electroless Nickel
Coatings: Black oxide